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With over 25 years of experience transferring money around the world, you can trust us to safely and efficiently deliver your funds to your loved ones.

With direct partner relationships in many of our core corridors, we are able to provide a cost effective and seamless money transfer service for all. Give us a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions
❍ Why should I send with Placid ?
We have been around a very long time and often, we send money home too. Our fees are low and rates are great and we will get your funds to your loved ones with ease. Give us a try!
❍ Is Placid licensed and regulated ?
Of course! We are registered with the US Treasury Department and hold licenses in various states. Digital services are also provided by Community Federal Savings Bank, FDIC member, to which we are a service provider. Our services being regulated by multiple agencies, rest assured that we have the necessary controls, policies and procedures to ensure your sensitive information and funds are safe and secure!
❍ How much can I send with Placid ?
You can generally send up to $20,000.00 on a rolling 30 day basis. When you pay with debit card, the limit is $3000.00 per transaction up to $20,000.00 a month. Note that some of our disbursement partners may have different limits. These include a limit of 100,000 Taka per transfer for bKash transactions. Cash pickup limits may also apply in certain countries.

Note that we may combine limits of the members of the same household.
❍ What payment methods are accepted ?
We accept direct debit (ACH )as well as debit cards to fund your transfers.

We recommend using a debit card as we can usually process such transfers much faster than for those transfers funded with ACH bank direct debits. Typically, your transfers will be processed within 10-15 minutes when funded with a debit card. If you elect to use direct debit ACH, your transfers may require 3-5 days to complete processing.
❍ Why am I asked to log in to my bank account ?
We use the services of Plaid to securely verify your bank account. Placid will never have access to your banking credentials. Using this method of verification is much safer than simply collceting your routing and account number as it provides an additional direct measure of security.
❍ Why are you asking for my ID and other documents ?
As a regulated entity, we are required to comply with various laws and regulations that entail verification of our customers' identities. Further, to keep our platform away from fraudsters and illicit actors, we routinely conduct enhanced checks on transactions that may require collection of additional documents such as proof of funds/income. While this may cause some nuisance, rest assured that such procedures help keep your information secure and private.
❍ How can I cancel my money transfer ?
You can easily request cancelation of a transfer you submitted from the app or website. Please note that we will not be able to cancel finalized/deposited transactions. For successful cancelations, we will issue full refund to your funding source within 3-5 banking days.
If you enctouner a problem with a cancelation, do give us a call at 1-718-392-3500. We are here 24/7.
❍ Why is my transfer delayed ?
A vast majority of transfers with Placid are processed within the date available estimate on your receipt. Often times, we are able to process it much sooner. Although rare, delays may occur due to the unavailibility of payment systems, bank closures, holidays and other disruptions to regular activities.

Delays can also occur if information requested by Placid aren't timely provided. We ask that you kindly provide all requested information quickly.
❍ Do you have a referral program ?
Yes! At this time, you will receive $10 for each successful referral. Note that terms and conditions apply. To obtain your unique referral code, sign on to your profile on the website or app and visit the 'My Referrals' area.
❍ Can I fund my transfer with a credit card ?
We have chosen to forego the acceptance of credit cards due to the high costs and cash advance charges that are imposed on the cards by issuers. We do accept and encourage you to use your debit card as this method allows us to disburse your funds in the shortest possible time.

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