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Introducing Transec®:
The OS for your Money Transfer Operations!
Facing the numerous shortcomings and scalability issues with a vendor supported Money Transfer software, Placid Express chartered a project that lead to an in-house developed Money Transfer platform. Transec is an in production full-fledged secure and adaptively scalable Money Transfer software designed and developed from the ground up to meet the growing and dynamic needs of a fast growing Money Transfer enterprise. As our commitment to the Money Transfer industry and its future, we are now allowing the licensing of Transec® to other qualified Money Transfer operators for their own use.
A custom developed AML compliance module featuring transparent integration with Transec® allow AML Officers to prevent, detect and report Money Laundering and ensure compliance of internal policies with effectiveness and consistency. Two independent sub-modules, S.A.L.T™ and Pandora™ provide both real time analyses of live transactions as well as conduct on-demand analyses of historical data. A customizable case generation system helps AML team members review activity with a level of unmatched completeness. eyeCOMPLY™ also features a customizable score based blacklist screening capability for compliance with OFAC and other government and internal lists.
A typical MTO is likely to incur tens of thousands in losses when its business model involves expanding its service through an agent network. RRMS (Receivable Risk Management System) can significantly aid in reducing such losses by providing the AR team real time information on the enterprise's receivables and collections. It can also automate quantifying the risks present and forecasted in existing accounts. Additionally, the module assists the accounts department with automating monetary risk threshold levels as well as dynamically adjusting the set thresholds based on pre-established risk templates.
Are you dealing with customer service issues manually? Are you tired of writing emails and making phone calls to correspondents and agents regarding problems your customers face with their Money Transfer transaction? We know. We've previously dealt with such issues and became fed up with it. Our frustrations lead to the development of a robust CRM platform that consolidates all customer related messages and presents it to the customer service team in a consistent and manageable manner. iCRM™ is a one stop corner for managing customer service issues that helps solve problems with ease, which translates to a better experience for your team and customers. It also features escalation and alerting capabilities that enable administrators to monitor efficiency of the customer service team to ensure issues are resolved timely and with accuracy.
The ever expanding nature of today's Money Transfer enterprises requires the availability of a fully functional, manageable and scalable FX control module. ModFX® feature robust multi-currency capabilities that include an intelligent trading platform and BI backed rate suggestion ability that can help achieve optimum profitability. ModFX™ eliminates the need for manual record keeping for cross-currency settlement operations which can free up your valuable time and resources. Customizable features include the ability to push/pull FX parameters from/to partners, internal nodes and subscription based electronic feeds. ModFX™ is an integrated component of Transec, the Money Transfer OS!

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Unlike some other Money Transfer providers, agreements with our partners are direct. That means, these partners are the actual institutions that disburse funds to money transfer recipients. With other providers, your money transfer may travel between multiple institutions before it actually gets disbursed to your recipient. With Placid Express, its direct!
spotCash! cash pickup with freedom
With our Tier 1 Cash Pickup service, spotCash!, your money transfer sits digitally with us until your recipient provides the tracking number to the institution s/he visits to collect the funds, at which time the funds are disbursed to your recipient. You do not need to select an institution or its corresponding branch. Your recipient simply visits any branch of the participating institution to collect their remittance. spotCash! provides you with an unparalleled service level with simplicity, ease and savings for your peace of mind.
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